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Six Nations Public Library Benefit Raffle!

2014 SNPL Benefit Raffle Poster

Big news everyone, the Library is offering you the chance to support the new Library and Archive Building Project and win a 2014 Dodge Charger SRT SuperBee!!!  That’s right, a 6.4 Liter392 cubic inch HEMI monster decked out in classic muscle orange can be YOURS, courtesy of KT Tobacco.

Tickets are $20 each, or $50 for 3 and are available at the Six Nations Public Library, 1679 Chiefswood road or KT Tobacco on Hwy 54.  Call 519-445-2954 or visit for details.




2nd Annual Benefit Gala!


Just a quick bit of self promotion folks! The Six Nations Public Library is holding its annual benefit gala on Friday April 11th, get your tickets now as the date is fast approaching!
The library is such a valuable resource to the community and is in need of your support. Contact the library today for tickets and come on out for “an evening of mystery and delight!”

New Home!

Welcome back, one and all!

Well, I finally made good on my word and migrated the Living History Project Production Blog here to Word Press. Be gone Demons of Broswer Incompatibility! Away with You 90’s era formatting! Take your mysterious content eating ghouls with you!

Enough with the rampant dismissals, I have brought all the (remaining) posts over and designated them as “Re-posts”.  The Blogger site ( will remain open to reference any old linked content, but there will be NO MORE posts issued to that site.  If you want the latest news, keep it parked here folks.

Interview with Steve Smith

Steve Smith

Renowned Potter Steve Smith, owner of Talking Earth Pottery, graciously offered us his rich and unique take on his craft last Friday at his studio.  Steve spoke in depth about his love for the form, his varied techniques, how he got started, his family and life in the community. Steve’s whimsical insights and depth of knowledge, accompanied by the beautiful and abundant natural light of his studio, made for a superb interview!  This is a definite boon for the growing archive collection and I would like to personally thank Steve for his time and words.  Cant wait to get into edit on this one.

Color Me Happy!

This is a Re-post from Saturday, 15 March 2014

Hectic week getting caught up on the rough edits, and two more interviews to shoot next week!!!  Well, having amassed nearly a terabyte of raw data, the edits are nearly complete and getting a preliminary color pass (seen here).  The first 10 edits vary in length from roughly 25 to 50 minutes, which means we’ve pushed more footage than several feature films!!!

Gettin Busy!!!

This is a Re-Post from Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Freshly back from a (long-overdue) vacation, we are busily getting down to working on the actual shoot with weekends booked throughout the next month.

Here we see one of many screen-grabs from the dailies of the most recent shoot.  This one being of Don Lynch, Chair of the SNPL Board and the Friends of the Six Nation Public Library Foundation, our first “recruit” to generously donate his time.  Don was kind enough to sit for our cameras last Sunday in the aforementioned SNPL Boardroom and both relate local historical information and entertain us with a few stories of the “good ol’ days”!

One recollection I found particularly touching is when Don spoke about his Grandfather, Samuel Anderson, a former teacher at Six Nations school #10.
The clip can be viewed here.

Oh those post-production blues!!!

This is a Re-post from Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Ahh, the endless render cycle.  How I loathe thee!  On an unrelated but relevant project, I just finished the SALT promo video for the good people at whom are donating 10% of sales to support our Six Nations Public Library (and soon other Aboriginal libraries across Canada).
You can view the promo here