The Six Nations Living History Project Announced!

This is a Re-post from Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The call for participants has been put out and the local media made inquiries as to the nature of the project during the monthly meeting of the History Circle at the library on 21 May.  Primary shooting at the library will begin in early June, starting with members of the Six Nations Public Library (SNPL) Board of Trustees.  We will then move right on to the participant pool while simultaneously arranging location shooting with our youth volunteers from the SNPL Teen Advisory Group (TAG).  The TAG members will be learning how to conduct “man on the street” run-and-gun documentary style filming of community member interviews.  These will have a “lo-fi” videographic feel to the footage which should contrast nicely with the controlled atmosphere of the lit-set interviews.


The “Set” Up

This is a re-post from Thursday, 23 May 2013







This photo shows the basic interview environment of the shooting location in the SNPL Boardroom.  Set lighting is a challenge as ambient light from the windows falls in a non-complimentary manner, lots of reflective glass display cases, and the overheads are banks of buzzy, ballasted florescent fixtures…  Not Good!  The solution has been to find decent position for the subject chair (where the background is interesting and conducive to a shallow field defocus), rig out 2 or 3 point lighting with 5500k softboxes, and getting the audio in tight. 






Pictured is a rigged Canon 5D mk3 on rails w/ slide mount and off-camera audio via Rode 2ch shotgun microphone.  B-camera is a modified Canon 7D linked with an external recorder (audio-thru).  

Live from Santa Anna Pueblo, New Mexico!

This is a Re-Post from Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Attending the Digital Storytelling seminar at the ATALM (Association of Tribal Archives, Libraries, and Museums) Conference hosted by the Hyatt Regency Tamaya Spa & Resort.

Lots of passionate storytellers with great potential for wonderful projects in attendance today!



Production updates from the varied stages and locations of the Six Nations Living History Video Archive project.